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January 28, 2012
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Diego ref 2.0 by AstroZerk Diego ref 2.0 by AstroZerk

I WON'T lie, Diego's ref intimidated me cause I know the amount of detail going into it due to him being the main character. For the record professional refs aren't flashy like this or many you see on DA but I went and did it anyways lol. This should be his final design so any updates will be of items and other smaller stuff (I can't guarantee this). I already started scripting the first chapter so yeah minimal changes if any in the future.

Line up (size comparison): [link]
Old ref: [link]
More expressions: [link]

Diego comes from a small poor town neighboring a city. It used to constantly get attacked by grave digging monsters that the city never bothered to help them with. He snuck and trained with a samurai master, but it was a water down training.

When Diego got older he left the village to hopefully train better and possibly be a defender of the village. He later did fine what he was looking for and trained under a samurai master who happened to also practice in the art of necromancy. Diego was such a great student that he taught everything he knows including the forbidden technique.

After the training Diego returns to his village only to find it under attack of a large black dragon, Nidhogg. Diego went to fight this corpse eating beast and was forced to use his forbidden technique. It caused him to grow wings and his flesh started to melt away. It is said if a necromancer ever wants to be stronger at the magic he must give up his flesh. He used it on the Nidhoggr and took it down. After this the roots of the trees combined to create the Yggdrasil type tree and enticed both the body of Diego and Nidhogg together. This was to create a barrier around the town to protect them against the demons.

Over time the town was torn down but his grave site was deemed a sacred protective place and left alone. However a couple of teens who joined a developing cult go to take his blade, removing the barrier, to revive the dead and Nidhogg to control in a soon army. With no experience they lose control and are demised. Nidhogg (controlling the dead) goes to the city causing mayhem like it did before and this revives Diego as well. He takes back control of the dead and they offer to help Diego. He summons the souls and slays the dragon again but this time takes him in as a summon.

Gaining back his senses he is told that he is the one to stop the revival of a sealed god. His team mates with Jase and Jennifer.

Despite the fact that he's a dead man walking (Woot Pun!) Diego is very kind and honest. He is also shy and very quiet, being self conscious that he has no flesh.

He runs into another necromancer by the name of Dubrashka
Who weakens him by forcing his flesh to return. It's a very very painful procedure and weakens the magic powers.

Diego Soto Nickname: Boney

Age: 25, technically now 45
Hand: Left
Sign: Virgo
DOB: Sept. 19
species: human
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 137 (fleshed) 19 (skeleton)

Nationality: American Mexican
Occupation: Village Protector

Personality: Shy, reasonable, deep thinker, very quiet, perfectionist, modest

Summons: Incisors , Marassa, Nidhogg

Diego Soto *Astrozerk04
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Cool job
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He is so awesome! :lol:
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I love this character, I would love to see him in a comic or in an animation - your drawings are always so dynamic ;; DRAW MORE ITS AN ORDER
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OH ho feeds his soul. I see what you did thar. soul food :XD:
AstroZerk Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
XDD I was waiting for this!
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