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As a bit of warning there is a bit of violence, not extremely bad but it's there.

I don't own Naruto...unfortunately

Chp. 13

“I already told you, I have nothing to do with whatever behavior your lackey is having…Why does it matter to you?…” Anko lets out a light gasp when she feels his cold-blooded hands rub lightly against her cheek.

“Hm…you’re probably right…maybe I am over thinking things. I just don’t want little things such as this get in the way of my plans. Though…I can’t blame the boy for acting that way around you…” His hands run from the side of her cheek down to her chin as he speaks. He watches the goose bumps form on her skin from his touches. This is making Anko feel cold but she continues to try and hide it.

“What do you mean by that…?” she forces out from her tight throat.

“You have grown into a fine young woman since the last time I trained you Anko…” she backs up a little only to find the back of her calves hit the corner of the bed. She looks back to see what it is blocking her way and turns back only to be face to face with Orochimaru. Her face goes from numb to hot from being suddenly this close.

“What is it really…you want?” her voice barely a whisper.

“What do I want? Anko you already know the answer to that question…” the words seem to roll off his tongue like a hissing snake. He continues rubbing the sides of her face and Anko closes her eyes and swallows what seems to be a large lump in her throat. She suddenly manages to summon enough strength to push away from his grip. She dashes to the side then flips back into the bathroom facing him. She balls up her fists as if ready to strike.

Orochimaru does not turn to face her instead he merely chuckles to his self. He looks over his shoulder at her; his eyes wide like a lion stalking his prey.

“Do you really want to challenge someone like me in their own domain? Quite bold don’t you think?” his voice raspy and forceful. He finally turns completely around and slowly walks towards her.

“That’s as far as you’re going to get!!” she takes her balled up fist and slams it into the mirror to break it and use the shards as a weapon. Instead of glass breaking, the sound of bones cracking can be heard; and instead of glass shards scattering in the air upon impact, blood flies across the moonlight. Anko crashes down to her knees holding her hand in immense pain. Her hand and wrist are completely broken and blood pours from the cut of her knuckles slicing through her thin flesh. She screams and curses from the pain that continues to travel up her arm.

She forces herself to look up to see where he is, her vision slightly blurry from closing them so tightly.

“Damn…you…where did…” Her voice was cut off when something warm and wet wraps around her throat tightly. She tries to grab at it but is forcefully lifted up to her feet. It pulls her back and she slams into something solid. An arm wraps around her waist tightly and the object that was tight around her neck releases and retracts.

“Oh Anko, looks like you gone and broken your hand. Just when my poor little subordinate went out of his way to heal them for you, tsk tsk tsk…”

Anko just growls angrily under her clenched teeth afraid to talk or else it’ll bring back the pain she has caused her self. He goes to reach for her injured hand she has close to her when she strikes him in the stomach with her elbow from her other arm. He doesn’t flinch; instead he grabs that arm and forcefully pulls it behind her just far enough to give her more pain but not dislocating it. Anko squeals loudly and goes limply again. If it weren’t for his grip on her arm she would have fallen flat on her face.

This time he grabs for her injured hand and she doesn’t fight him.

“I guess I forgot to tell you that the mirror is behind a very thick piece of glass just incase a special prisoner wants to get smart and pull a stunt like you just did…” He starts licking the blood off from her hands and knuckles. This foreign feel makes her wince in pain and disgust.

“Your blood still tastes as sweet as before…” He jokes to his self.

“I…hate…you…” Anko says softly through all the pain she is put in.

“What was that?”

“I said…I…HATE YOU!!!” Anko pulls forward away from him and dislocates her shoulder. She bites down on her lip causing it to bleed just to bare the pain of her injured arm. She doesn’t get far for Orochimaru still has a grip on her broken hand. His face emotionless; he simply squeezes her hand making her fall to her knees screaming loudly. He snatches her up against him again this time face to face.

He keeps a firm grip on her hand, places his arm around her waist again and walks her out of the bathroom. Anko continues to cry painful tears into his chest not holding back any.

“All I came in here for was to ask you a couple of questions and look at you now. Bloody and beaten all caused by your disobedient self. I didn’t even have to lift a finger or activate your seal.” He holds her firmly standing right in the light of the moonlit rays.

“I hate you!! I hate you so much, why do you keep hurting me? Why must you continue to torment me throughout my life?” She screams in his chest. He squeezes her hand tighter, and her yells grow louder.

“How much is your hate for me Anko?” He whispers softly in her ears smiling. Anko keeps sobbing barely enough energy to speak anymore. He squeezes harder and she nearly falls.

“Tell me…”

“I swear, on my life I will be the one to end yours!!” She screams as her saliva is flying everywhere. “I will be the one to make you feel all the pain of all the people you have tortured!!!” He smiles when he feels the anger pour out of her. All the hate he has been waiting for her to build up over time. The required hate he wants her to have to help her go to the next level of the seal.

“I hate you, you’re very existence, and your dead parents for bringing you to this world!!” She continues. Orochimaru’s face frowns a little from her last sentence. He squeezes her tighter knocking the wind out of her. She continues crying into his chest loudly.

“I hate you…I even hate myself for even…” she starts in a very low whimper and stops herself from continuing.

“Hm? Go on…”

“Please stop it…it hurts too much…I can’t take it anymore…”

She muffles in his chest like a crying little girl.

“Just leave me alone…please…I’m begging you…please…I had enough…” her voice cracks. He pauses for a good minute looking at her shiver from pain in his arms and he finally releases her injured hand. She brings it close to her by instinct and continues to cry into his chest which is now soaked with her tears. He removes her from his chest and sits her down on her bed.

“Fine, very well then. I got enough information out of you for tonight.”

Orochimaru turns to leave when Anko tugs at his robe. He turns slightly around and sees her, her eyes full of tears and her body shaking.

“Why are you doing this? Why am I the one you sought out? Why do you want me alive after you’re done with what ever experiments you have planned for me? What purpose do you need me for that no other experimented prisoner can do? Please…tell me…”

He shakes her hand loose from him and continues to the door.

“The information you wish to seek will be up to you to find out…oh and don’t worry about your arm, I’m sure Kabuto will gladly heal them.” He disappears out of the room not even opening the door.

Anko stays hunched over with her arm held close to her. She rocks back and forth as to ease her pain away. Tears continue to roll down her face. ‘What do you want from me? Aren’t I tortured enough..? I don’t want to be alone in here anymore…I don’t want to be alone with this pain…’

Back to Kabuto and Karin…

“You must have gotten a new schedule for the day or something. I haven’t seen you walking around like you always do.” Kabuto says while he picks up the scrolls and books he dropped.

“Heh heh, yeah…” Karin helps him with the books and takes a glance at the last one she picked up.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, just a book on how to properly extract the heaven seal.” He grabs it from her and continues on down the hall to his own rooming quarters.

“Ah, that again, I forgot that we did a test running on her the other day. It went quite bad. I wonder if she should be ready to go through with it again this time.”

“…Probably…but according to Orochimaru, there are more steps to it than what we had expected…” He says this time in a very monotone voice. Karin notices the change of his voice and tilts her head. Her eyes grow devious and she smirks a little walking behind him.

“Hm…you don’t sound too eager to do this again.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh I don’t know, you sounded a bit down just now…”

“No, I’m just a bit tired that’s all, I had to deal with Suigetsu again.”

They turn another corner and are quiet for a good bit of the way.

Karin bites her lip for a second and finally speaks again.

“So is she still acting disobedient or did you finally get her tamed?” She says as if referring to a wild animal. She smiles again.

“Karin, why do you keep asking me these questions?”

“Well, I just wanted to know so that the next time we take her to the lab, I will be better prepared on her acts and that bitchy mouth she has.” They finally make it to his rooming quarters. He unlocks the door and walks in. Karin follows but is pushed out.

“Isn’t there somewhere you’re supposed to be? Like somewhere that is not my room!?” he yells to her.

“No, I’m done for the night.”

“Well then you should be off to your room.” He starts to close the door but she stops it with her foot.

“I really don’t feel like sitting there the rest of the night. It’s boring, all the way down that hall…” she says with a pouty face while slowly creeping pass him to his room. “I don’t get a chance to talk to anyone…I know you must feel the same way right?”

“No actually I don’t and you can go talk and annoy the prisoners instead of me…”

“Oh look I’m already in here, might as well let me stay for a bit.” She cuts him off. She bears a wide smirk pushing up her glasses. Kabuto just now noticed that she has snuck pass him and just sighs and closes the door.

He walks up to his desk and places the scrolls and books down on them. Turning on the desk lamp, he sits in the chair and goes back to the pages he was studying ignoring Karin as if she wasn’t there. She walks up behind him and looks over his shoulder to see what it is he is reading.

“Looks like there will be a lot of steps to do when performing this huh?”

He ignores her and turns another page. She frowns and studies that page too. Her eyes widen when she finally sees something interesting and she points to it nearly knocking Kabuto out.

“Would you look at that long list of high risk jutsus required to perform this!? I can’t wait to see all of this preformed!”

Kabuto jerks his head up and turns to Karin almost knocking her down. She jumps back recollecting herself and acts as if she has done nothing wrong.

“Leave, now! You’re even more distracting than Suigetsu. Even the roaches here have more manners” He yells. Karin just folds her arms.

“I just wanna look with you, I have nothing to do.”

“Why? This information is not required for you to know. You’re just being nosey” He finally calms down and returns reading the pages. “It’s like you’re spying on me or something…” Karin nearly jumps when he says that. A tint of red shows up on her cheeks and she frantically adjusts her glasses.

“Spy? Who me?” She starts laughing hysterically; Kabuto turns back to face her and raises a brow. “That’s preposterous! Why would I be spying on you? Ho ho ho ho ho!!”

Kabuto calmly closes the book and gets up walking towards her with a grin on his face. The closer he gets the more uneasy her smile grows. He finally stops when he is about an inch in front of her.

“Karin? What are you hiding from me? You look a little spooked all of a sudden…” He says with a friendly grin. She looks around and smiles the fake grin again.

“I’m not hiding anything I swear! Stop accusing me already!”

“Karin…” he places a hand on her shoulder and keeps on with his friendly grin. She doesn’t respond and keeps avoiding eye contact with his. “Karin…you’re a terrible liar you know…so what is it your hiding?”

She finally cracks and gives him a surprisingly powerful punch straight to the face and darts out of his room. He grabs his composer and gets up after her. She is far down the hall as he dashes out of his room. ‘Feh, she knows something I don’t…’ He hurries to catch up with her.

Karin continues running down the corridors beating her self on top of her head. ‘Stupid! Stupid! Ugh, I’m a horrible spy! I’m sorry Lord Orochimaru…I’m slipping up!’ She continues running with no idea of a particular destination. She finally stops to catch her breathe. She calms her nerves and focuses on pin-pointing his exact location with her ability to sense chakra in far distances. Her concentration is shattered when she hears sobbing coming from the room behind her.

‘What the hell is that?’ She turns around and looks to see what cell number it is and recognizes it to be Anko’s. Karin then switches her focus to inside the room. ‘…It’s that smart mouth twit…hm…broken hand…dislocated shoulder…bleeding lips…looks like Orochimaru came here already…’ Karin stops her focus and a devilish grin comes across her face. She senses Kabuto near and positions her self as if she had just came out of her room looking sadden.

As predicted he runs into her grabbing at her.

“Karin!! What did you run for? Just tell me already instead of having me waste my energy” He says nearly down her throat.

Karin doesn’t answer right away but instead gives him a hurt look. Kabuto takes notice of this and finally let’s go of her.

“What’s with that look what’s going on?” he asks. Karin slowly turns to face him and places her hand on his shoulder. He nearly jumps back giving her a puzzled look.

“I ran because I sensed her, I sensed her pain through her chakra…”

He eyes Karin suspiciously trying to figure out what she is talking about.

“What are you talking about? Sensed who?”

“Anko, I sensed her pain right when you were accusing me of spying and stuff. I came here and noticed her sobbing. Her hand is broken, her arm dislocated, her lips bleeding…”

Karin shakes her head as if she gave a ‘rat’s ass’ about how Anko was. He still doesn’t look convinced when Karin pushes him by the door to hear her cries. His puzzled eyes grew concerned and he goes for his key ring. Karin tilts her head.

“I thought you said you didn’t care about her…”

“I don’t but I am supposed to make sure she is safe…”

He finds the key to the room and opens it with out hesitation. He opens to find Anko huddled over on her bed trying to cry the pain away. He totally forgets about Karin standing beside him and closes her out the room. ‘That was easier than I thought! He’s supposed to be the wittiest of our ninja! I guess what they say is true, your mind is clouded when you’re in love…heh heh and he is totally falling for that girl whether he wants to believe it or not! I’m finally useful!’ Karin smiles to her satisfaction of getting him off her case easily and placing him in an even more troublesome situation.

‘You should have listened to me the first time when I told you not to go against Lord Orochimaru’s words. A spy for a spy; I fail you not my lord…’

After her mini speech Karin does the hand seals and disappears in a puff of smoke.
13 what a nice number....
Anyways, Karin up to her shinanagins (did I spell that right???)
and dances her dance of victory...or is it victory? >=)

Anko and her destructive ways, Orochimaru has a strong eye out for his subordinate now, hope Kabuto figures out a way to keep him from focusing on him.

Working on 14 as of now...and it's a true pain so it may be a while till I post another chapter...


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M laterz

Kabuto, Anko, Orochimaru, Karin (hm...Sasuke has been missing for a while now...) (c) Naruto, Kishimoto
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